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Oriol Balaguer was born in 1971 in Calafell (Tarragona), showing from an early age a true passion for pastry making. He recalls watching his father at work in the bakery while he played alongside him with Plasticine, imitating the shapes of his cakes and pastries. It's a memory that he's treasured since he was a boy.

After attending the School of the Barcelona Pastry Making Guild and working in some of the best patisseries in Spain and Belgium, he worked for seven years in Ferran Adrià's team. Adrià has defined him as "one of the most all-round professionals in gastronomy". At just 21 years of age (1993) he won the award of Best Artisan Pastry Chef in Spain.

In 2003 he decided to take the plunge and to transmit his creative talent, formidable energy and somewhat critical spirit through the brand that bears his name.

Inspired by architecture and the culture of design, Oriol Balaguer produces sweet cuisine based on finely honed artisan techniques and the perfect balance of taste.

An inventor of new sweet pleasures, in just a few years he has created an exceptional culinary portfolio with recipes that combine innovation with quality in order to meet the demands of an increasingly exacting clientele.

Nowadays, he has chocolate shops in Madrid and Barcelona, being an example, nationally and internationally, for the sweet world of gastronomy.

Professional Awards

Oriol Balaguer has received several professional awards during his professional career: 

Best Artisan Panettone in Spain 2017
Best Artisan Butter Croissant in Spain 2014
Best Pastry Chef in Spain 2008
Best Gastronomy Shop in Madrid 2008
Award for Professional of the Year 2006
Best Gastronomy Website in Spain 2005
Best Pastry Chef in Catalonia 2003
Best Dessert in the World 2001: 8 Texturas de Chocolate
Best Book in the World 2000: El Libro de los Postres
Best Spanish Restaurant Pastry Chef 1997
Best Dessert in Spain 1997
M.M.A.P.E. 93 Best Spanish Handmade Pastry Master 1993

OB Team

Thanks to OB Team for their passion and expertise. Great professionals who share a common goal, surprise and excite through sweet gastronomy.

Oriol Balaguer

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